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By becoming a member of the Northwest Chicago Historical Society you will receive the following benefits:

Membership fees are $15.00 for a calendar year ($10.00 for seniors 65 and older).  

Please send a check to:

Northwest Chicago Historical Society
P. O. Box 30067
Chicago, IL 60630

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Thank You For Your Support!!

Be sure to join the Northwest Chicago History Meetup group and get email announcements of all NWCHS events. Simply click the icon below, give yourself a name, enter your email address, and give yourself a passord.

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Please help NWCHS collect, preserve, and share the history of Northwest Chicago. Make a safe and secure credit card donation via PayPal.

History is worth preserving and enjoying. Please help in this effort by becoming a member of NWCHS. Membership includes delivery of our newsletter

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